Baxter’s Fourth Arkansas Mounted Infantry USA

Batesville, Independence County, Arkansas


“ Little Rock, Arks., Oct. 23d, 1863. Elisha Baxter, of Batesville, Independence County, State of Arkansas, is hereby authorized to raise a Regiment of Infantry to be mustered into the United States service for the term of one year or during the war, if not sooner discharged. The head-quarters for the recruiting will be at Batesville, Independence County, and all persons recruiting for said regiment will be governed by the regulations for the recruiting service, and orders from War Department, Department of Missouri, and these headquarters. Mr. Baxter will report to these headquarters for such instructions as it may require. By order of Maj. Gen. F. Steele.”

   Col. Elisha Baxter began recruiting late October 1863. Over several months, approximately 446 men were enlisted into five companies. Men were recruited from Independence and neighboring counties including, Izard, Lawrence, Jackson and Van Buren among others. The 4th engaged in garrison duty at Batesville and routine patrols in the region. Notable engagements with Confederate forces were at Stoney Point, White Co., on or about, November 20, 1863; Skirmish at Lunenburg, Izard Co. Jan. 20, 64; Morgan’s Mill, Lawrence County, Feb. 8, 64, Holt’s Mill, Lawrence Co.*see Morgan’s Mill; Waugh’s farm, Independence Co., Feb. 19, 64 and action on the Little Red River, Van Buren (Cleburne) Co., Late Feb. 64. Col. Baxter commanded the 4th Mounted Infantry, officially, till May 12, 1864. He resigned his commission, turning his duties over to his brother, Taylor A. Baxter, in order to become a U.S. Senator from the state of Arkansas.

   On April 16, Col. R. R. Livingston left Batesville for Jacksonport. Under the command of Lt. Col. John W. Stephens, one company of the 11th Mo. Cav. and all companies of the 4th Mounted Infantry, stayed behind to garrison the post. On May 12th, orders were issued for Lt. Col. Stephens to abandon Batesville. The 4th moved to Jacksonport after May 12, duties there till May 30th. The regiment was abruptly ordered to disband, June 2, 1864, mustering out June 2-4, at DeValls Bluff, Prairie Co., Arkansas. Many re-enlisted in other Union Regiments but most went home. Approximately Ninety-four pension applications, including invalid, widow, minor etc., were made.

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Field and Staff

Elisha Baxter, Colonel Commanding

1st Lt. Martin Beem, Adjutant til April 15, 1864, Discharged June 2, 1864


John J. Palmer, Quartermaster Nov. 15, 1863-June 15, 1864

Lt. William H. Rosa, Quartermaster till April 15, 1864

Lt. William H. Rosa, Adjutant April 15-June 4, 1864

Pvt. Addison M. Dugger, Chief Bugler

William P. Berry, Post Sutler, After Dec. 30, 1863


Company Rosters

Captain Taylor A. Baxter Co. A

Captain George W. Robertson Co. B 

Captain William P. Berry/ James E. Connor Co. C

Captain Moses Ford Co. D

Captain Lafayette M. Harris Co. E


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Map of Batesville and Region


Members of the 5th Ark. Inf. A. D./112/113 U.S. Colored Infantry

enlisted in Batesville Co. B/Co. H

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